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Southside Circuit Center Wedding Day | Brittany + Michael

"I love you, and I like you."

This notion does justice to describing both the beautiful relationship that Michael and Brittany share, as well as the wedding day that united them forever. Their love story has been 10 years in the making, characterized by thoughtful gestures, unending laughter, and a deeply committed partnership.

Ten years ago, these two were young kids in college: Brittany, the cute girl down the hall that wasn't remotely interested in Michael, the frat boy with the eyebrow ring who slipped a note underneath her door saying ,"You're cute, call me". While she didn't call, a mutual friend convinced her to give him a shot, and one date was all it took. They've been inseparable ever since. (You can read more about how these two met, and Michael's epic surprise proposal here :)

Brittany and Michael could be standing hand in hand, they could be across the room from one another, or they could be apart and just talking about the other, but you will find them in the exact same posture: BEAMING from ear to ear. These are the two most joy filled humans we have ever met, and that is only amplified when you put them together. Their giddy, head over heals love for one another is perfectly complimented by their deep and mature friendship refined and made stronger over the years.

Their wedding day was the truest celebration of two families - who could not recall a time before Brittany & Michael went hand in hand - ecstatically becoming one. The couple hired the dream team of wedding planners with A & L Events who flawlessly brought their vision to life. The elegant and classic decor was perfectly balanced by the super fun pops of personality sprinkled throughout the day's events. Being huge fans of Harry Potter and Parks and Rec - you will find more than one cameo weaved into the details.

With how busy and jam packed a wedding day is, Brittany and Michael prioritized time after portraits, just before the reception began, to view their breathtaking reception space before guests entered. Their jaws dropped at the beauty of their plans brought to life. The DJ cued some music, and they shared in a dance, just the two of them. It was such a special, quiet moment for them to pause and soak it all in. Just minutes later, after their iconic entrance on a too small red carpet (hello, Parks & Rec FTW!), they shared their official first dance in a room full of people - but it was strikingly similar to the dance they had shared moments before in the empty ballroom: Lost in each other, wrapped in one another's arms, and singing their hearts out.

In the beautiful words of their maid of honor, "There are endless reasons why no one will ever have what these two have built, and will continue to build from this moment on. It's special. It's truly rare. They know one another through and through. They hold a level of trust and understanding I am in constant awe of. And they definitely embrace one another's idiosyncrasies."

Congratulations to the beautiful Newlyweds and cheers to all that lies ahead in 2019! <3


Ceremony: Saint Thomas A Becket Roman Catholic Church

Reception: The Circuit Center & Ballroom

Event Planner: A & L Events

Florist: Della Robbia Flowers and Gifts

Hair & Makeup: Stonewater Salon and Spa

Bride's Dress: Bridal Beginning Pittsburgh

Cake: Bethel Bakery


DJ: DJ Sam Crawford

Invitations: Chelsey Cook

Photo Booth: ELF Entertainment

Photo/Video: Dorosh Documentaries

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