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A Solution to the Age Old Question: What Movie Do You Want To Watch?

Ahh - that age old question. "What Do You Want To Watch?"

It is likely no secret that we are BIG fans of watching movies. (Nazari's first priority and never ending project in our new home has been creating an in-home movie theater!). We have always shared a genuine love of winding down for the night - usually around 10pm as we are both night owls through and through - and snuggling up for a movie night in. However, we are pretty particular when it comes to what it is that we watch . So when we sit down and realize we have no idea what movie we are going to see, it's the worst! It forces us to spend the next hour perusing websites, watching previews, and vetoing one another's suggestions at which point it's too late to start a movie and we either default to a show we had been watching, or settle for something we've never heard of and don't really have an interest in watching and feel like we just wasted our life. Ever been there?

Because we have committed to doing a lot of research on the matter, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite movies we have seen over the past several years to help keep you from finding yourselves in the above scenario. Time is precious, after all, and there are sooo many great movies to be watched. Some of them we truly believe to be the best of all time. Others are just really freaking good, and most notably, we can promise they will not be a waste of your life (in our humble opinions).

Our Recommendation: Don't watch the previews! Decide what genre you are in the mood for, and just go for it. We have found that 100% of the time, movies are better when you go in with no expectations.

Our other advice? Combine your movie night with another activity - make or eat dinner together. Go on a walk. Make a fun snack together for the movie. Play a game. Read. Talk about your day and ask intentional questions prior to the movie. Just make sure you build in time to actually connect ;)

About the list: Since being married to Nazari, I feel confident in saying my taste in movies has radically improved, as has the scope of movie genres I enjoy. I used to think that I hated science fiction, but have found I actually love it (most of the time). As a long time consumer of almost only cheesy rom-coms, my favorite movies now tend to be dramas, specifically docu-dramas, and action/adventure. (Although I am still a sucker for a good romance.) Nazari defaults to sci-fi and action/adventure. (Albeit, I didn't give sci-fi it's own category, but grouped our favorites into the other sub-categories). While we have loved all of the movies listed below, those with the asterick are stand outs that top our list or recommendations. Nazari refuses to watch a movie twice, but I would re-watch any on the list in a heartbeat!

Now enjoy a cozy date night in and save yourselves some time by choosing from our pre-screened movie list :) Let us know if there are any must sees that we have missed!

(Yes, that decal is actually in our theater room :) My mom got it for us for Christmas last year!)

The Dorosh Movie List:


100 Foot Journey*


Captain Fantastic*


We Bought A Zoo

About Time

The Martian

August Rush

The Shack

Your Sister's Sister


The Prestige

The Illusionist


The Help

Silver Linings Playbook

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Life Itself

It's A Wonderful Life

DRAMA - (these are heavy - definitely not for the faint of heart)

12 years a slave




Eye in the sky


Les Miserables (1998 with Liam Neeson)

Three Billboard Outside Ebbing Mississippi

Shawshank Redemption

Light Between Oceans

The Fault In Our Stars





The Big Short*

Bohemian Rhapsody*


The Founder


Zookeepers Wife

Green Book

Hidden Figures

I, Tonya

Molly's Game


The BlacKkKlansman


What If

The Big Sick*

The Spectacular Now

Crazy Stupid Love*

The Proposal

A Star Is Born

Ever After*

Before we go

The Notebook

P.S. I love you

500 Days of Summer

The Adjustment Bureau*


Game Night*




Ant Man

Thor: Ragnorak


The Count of Monte Cristo*

Ready Player One*

13 hours

The Finest Hours

Deep Water Horizon

The Accountant

American Made

The Hunger Games

V for Vendetta*



The Matrix


Captain America

The Mountain Between Us

Black Panther

SpiderMan: Homecoming


The Greatest Showman*

La La Land


Cant Buy Me Love

The Edge Of Seventeen

Catch Me If You Can

Patch Adams

Forest Gump

Dirty Dancing

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