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Rate the Date: TopGolf

Over the past few years, Nazari has developed a love for and honed his skill in the game of golf. As you can quickly determine from this video, golf is not my sport. So if it has to do with golf, and isn’t the miniature kind, I am less than enthralled.

When I first heard about TopGolf, that stance remained. I had no interest in going. Nazari assured me that even if you’re not an amazing golfer, you can still have a good time at TopGolf. Albeit skeptical, I reluctantly agreed to try it out.

I’m now here to tell you that TopGolf is actually a ton of fun, whether you are a novice or a pro at the sport. Even if you are terrible at golfing, like myself, you can even WIN a game here! (See below for proof :)

So first things first - what the heck is TopGolf?!

TopGolf is a three story tall sports entertainment complex featuring a high-tech golf game” that everyone (from amazing golfers to those who have never even played) can enjoy. Ever been bowling? It’s a similar concept but with several key differences. At Topgolf, you play in a “bay” rather than a lane, and you hit micro-chipped golf balls into giant targets in the outfield to score points instead of rolling a ball down a lane.

There are a variety of game options, meaning you can choose to simply try to hit any target in the outfield to earn points (the further you hit, the more points you obtain!) - or you can be aiming for specific targets - meaning you only earn points based on precision. The bays feature both lounge seating as well as high top tables and come with your own waitstaff. They have a great food and drink menu to enjoy before, after, or even while you play! With music playing and such a laidback atmosphere, it’s a genuinely fun, playful, active way to enjoy time out with your partner!


  • Active (ish)

  • Great food and fun atmosphere

  • In addition to the golfing, there is foosball, pool and shuffleboard available complimentary

  • It is fun as a solo date or group date (in each bay up to 6 people can play at once!)

  • You can dine there or get drinks while you play

  • You don’t need your own gear - they have it all there!

  • You can play even if you aren’t any good at golf


  • Time flies!

  • Can be expensive (however Tuesday’s are half off play all day!!)

  • Membership fee (You pay $5 to become a member and get your TopGolf card. It’s applied first time playing only and is good forever more)


  • You can only schedule up to a week in advance, but walk ins are welcome.

  • You have to pay a $5 membership fee your first time playing, but then you are free to play at any location across the US forever more

  • You can play in all types of weather: the bays have fans for the summer and heaters for the winter

  • We recommend sneakers or other athletic/comfortable shoes. I wore boots with heels once and had to take my shoes off to be able to play (not required by venue, just my personal choice)

  • You don’t need to wear athletic gear, just something relatively comfortable

  • We have played on the bottom floor and the third floor platform; on the far left and in the middle and it’s been fun in all of the different areas

  • Pricing is by the hour. You pay per bay, not per person.

  • Pricing varies based on the time of day and day of the week that you go: Weekdays and earlier in the day are cheaper (and Tuesdays are HALF PRICED). Check out Pittsburgh pricing here

Any more questions? Learn more by visiting their FAQs page!

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