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Rate the Date: Kniess' Mini Golf

In the past few years, Nazari as gotten really into playing golf. The 18-holes-takes-forever-expensive-golf. Me... not so much. So the miniature kind of golf tends to be our middle ground and something we always enjoy playing together. As we've gotten older, mini golf has become a less frequent occurence. The reasons for this could be many - such as the weather in Pittsburgh... Not knowing where to play...

Alas, the weather is FINALLY getting better. So that is no longer and excuse. Plus - we have found the greatest and most cost friendly mini golf option!

Friends introduced us to Kniess' Miniature Golf a few years ago and we have never gone anywhere else in Pittsburgh since discovering this hidden gem. If you have ever drive on Babcock Boulevard, it is likely that you drove right by this place and didn't even know it! Kniess is tucked away - but once you know it's there - you're in for a treat!

kneiss fun, beautiful mini golf course in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at dusk

The owner is in his 21st season of running the place and has created a place unlike any other. Each year, he devotes his time to fixing up or recreating a hole. The place is DECKED OUT. It is well maintained and the courses are a ton of fun! The attention to detail is unmatched, as each and every one of the 36 holes has it's own theme and decor.

There are two 18 hole courses that you can play: A standard more competitive course, and one with obstacles. In the above video, we are playing the course with the obstacles - which we'd like to say is why we did so poorly ;) We switch it up pretty much every time we play - sometimes feeling the competitive edge and opting for the more standard course (which still has out of this world design at every hole!). Sometimes, we feel like trying our luck and laughing at ourselves and each other, and go for the obstacles.

Bonus?! This is the best priced course we have found anywhere, ever. Plus - if you get a hole in one on the last hole, you are given a wooden token for a free game next time you play!

young married couple out for a fun date night playing mini golf in pittsburgh, pennsylvania


  • Interactive

  • Inexpensive ($6 per person per game)

  • Active

  • Friendly competition

  • Quality time together

  • The staff is AWESOME - they are very kind and friendly

  • There's a dairy queen just down the street - so the option of a cold, sweet treat after playing


  • No good on a rainy day

  • Cash Only (only a negative if you weren't prepared and don't have cash on you ;)


  • Cash Only (there is a Sheetz beside the course with an ATM)

  • Wise to call before going to play to assure they are open: 412.931.3398

  • Address: 3005 Babcock BlvdPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Note: It is SUPER easy to miss this place. It sits right beside Sheetz. There is ample parking (two different lot options) - they are just a little hidden, so you may find you pass it and have to turn around and try again

  • Pittsburgh Hours of Operation: Sun - Sat: 11 AM - 11 PM

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