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Las Vegas, Baby!

Nazari and I both never had much, if any, interest in visiting this iconic city. But when we were planning our trip out west and the most practical airport to fly into was in Vegas, we decided to take advantage of it and explore the city!

Our niece and nephew went to Vegas a few months ago and were telling us what a good time they had and how "family friendly" the city was. I was confused as I had never heard that description used for Vegas before... While originally skeptical, I do now have to say - we were pretty amazed by the atmosphere!

The only true perception I had of the casinos in Vegas was from the Oceans movies. Thus my expectation was that it would be VERY glamorous everywhere. This was not at all the case. It was actual very casual! A little disappointing on that note - but otherwise, we enjoyed the views, the food, the shows, and the incredible hotels! When the sun goes down though, I don't know that it's safe to use the word "family friendly"... at least not on street level. But from the air?! Safe viewing for all ages :)

We stayed at The Venetian Hotel which was truly amazing! So much personality, and so many intricate details: The canals running through the hotel with gondolas, and Italian looking street fronts took us right back to our time in actual Venice!

young couple at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas with gondola in the background

Naz’s first order of business and biggest priority here was playing Texas Holdem ... which he did - in the poker room (that was an actual thing) and won! I was allowed to sit behind him and watch. I got in trouble for taking a photo of him - cause you apparently can’t do that 🤷🏻‍♀️ We both had equally as much fun that first night ;)

We ate a lot of delicious food (possibly what we were most impressed with in the city - SO MUCH GOOD FOOD! - unfortunately not well documented.)

We went to our first ever Cirque du Soleil and had our minds blown and want to go to a million more of these.

Then, we capped it off by getting one way over priced drink from The Cosmopolitan to feel fancy (Ok, I got the expensive drink, Naz opted for water and sat around stretching. That justified the drink, right?) and walked the strip to explore the various hotels and casinos.

We wanted to channel Oceans 11 with the fountain show in front of the Bellagio. But that hotel was our final stop before calling it a night, and after we had walked though it, it was 1230 am and the fountain shows end at midnight which we didn’t learn until after we missed it. #fail! But at least Naz captured it’s essence with his drone!

All in all, we had a great time and hope you enjoy this glimpse of Las Vegas in all its lit up glory 🎆

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