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Pittsburgh Wedding Videographer | Longue Vue Club | Sam + Cayla

Sam and Cayla are MARRIED! And we are not sure it's possible to meet two people with bigger hearts, or smiles than these two. We had the pleasure of grabbing coffee with them a few months before their wedding day, and we never wanted that meeting to end!

These two met when out with mutual friends while both attending the University of Pittsburgh. They have since settled just north of the great Steel City with their not one, not two, but THREE beloved cats.

Sam and Cayla exchanged vows and promised their forevers on September 16, a date that not long ago was just like any other random day. However, just after they got engaged, Cayla wanted to make an account on The Knot to commence the wedding planning, but to do so, she had to actually have a set wedding date. In her excitement, she just picked a random day so she could proceed with her account. Weeks later, as she and Sam were narrowing down venues, they fell in love with Longue Vue Club (and it is easy to see why!) and what do you know? The only 2017 date they had available was September 16! Like everything with these two - it was meant to be.

As mentioned, these two met while both attending Pitt, where Sam played baseball. Life got busy and it'd been awhile since they had gone out. Cayla mentioned wanting to go to dinner at a favorite of hers: Longhorn Steakhouse. Sam took it a step further and told her he'd made dinner reservations downtown on Saturday after she got off work.

Cayla was exhausted that day after her shift and decided to take a nap before their date. She set her alarm for 8am instead of 8pm. Sam, curious if she'd forgotten, finally woke her up at 830 inquiring if she was gonna start getting ready. She woke up disheveled and tossed her hair up, threw on some heels, and off they went. To her surprise, they didn't end up at Longhorn Steakhouse, but instead at The Lemont! They had a lovely dinner and Sam requested they go to the lookout (and was very specific as to which one - which got Cayla very suspicious. She felt like she could throw up she was so excited and nervous about what she was anticipating was going to happen next).

Although it was April 25, the perfect date, it just so happened to be FREEEZING! It also happened to be the night of a pens game. Drunk fans and cars full of people kept coming past them and the overlook was packed. They stood there for 10 minutes looking out at the city - and finally Cayla asked if they could just head home. Sam just didn't want a bunch of people around for the proposal, particularly drunk ones, and it didn't seem as thought the crowds of people would dissipate any time soon. So he agreed and they headed home.

He woke up the next morning not feeling well, as the stress of having the ring and planning the perfect proposal had gotten to him. He called Cayla into the room and shared it all - the stress o the past weeks, and his undying love for her and proposed then and there. She started crying and through tear streaked face said yes (was so surprised as she had no idea he'd had the ring all that time!) It wasn't the proposal that had envisioned but it turned out to be even better. Just the two of them, in their home, with their cats.

Their wedding day was romantic, upbeat, and absolutely GORGEOUS. We cried happy tears from the start to end and are forever impacted in the best way by the love and commitment they share with one another. From the heartfelt notes and their emotional first look, to their pizza bar, cat signage (and cufflinks!) and their packed dance floor, their wedding day is one you don't want to miss!

Congratulations to the kindest, most intentional, thoughtful, lovely couple. We are so blessed to know you guys and could not be more excited for the grand adventures in store for you as you journey through life side by side!


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