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Rate the Date: Disc Golf at Schenley Park

Disc Golf is just what it sounds like - Frisbee meets golf. We first stumbled upon this super fun outing back when I was attending Pitt (although we have no recollection of who first introduced us to this outdoor sport - yes, it's a real sport!). While there are courses all over Pittsburgh, Schenley Park has always been our favorite, mainly because - you can't beat the view.

You get to spend an a few hours of a day hanging out, going on a walk, and throwing frisbees - what's not to love?! Oh - and the best part? It's free!


  • Did we mention that t's free!

  • You get to be outside

  • It's gets you up and moving

  • There are disc golf courses all around Pittsburgh

  • Provides friendly competition with your spouse


  • 18 holes can feel very long (often we opt to just play 9)

  • You walk through wooded areas that can be muddy - so bug bites are a possibility

Good to know:

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