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Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh Wedding | Nick + Meghan

Years ago, Meghan and Nick were both out and about separately in the Southside of Pittsburgh with their respective friend groups. As the evening progressed, they both found themselves in Mario's Southside Saloon as strangers. At this point, Meghan was on the hunt to find the friends she had lost track of. She saw a cute guy standing nearby and initiated conversation. Her opening line went something like, "Hi, I'm Meghan. I lost my friends. Can you help me find them?" That cute guy's name was Nick. He bought her a drink and they talked for awhile, until Meghan eventually reunited with her friends. At some point in their interaction, Nick had asked Meghan for her number - but he added the disclaimer, "I'm not going to text you." Meghan wittingly shot back that she would not respond even if he did. Well - it took just a few hours until Nick went back on his word and texted Meghan. She immediately followed suite, and responded.

After just a few dates, Meghan realized that she really liked Nick! They were in the same city for just a few months before spending the majority of their relationship long distance due to Nick's commitment to the army. He has been stationed in Georgia, Korea, and while engaged - Turkey - just to name a few of the places his military assignments have taken him. Throughout their relationship, they have always made sure to have a planned weekend on the calendar so that they have that visit to look forward to while apart. When together, they shared a love for hiking and outdoorsy activities (Nick got Meghan a road bike for her wedding gift - as they plan to complete a triathlon together!)

With their shared love for hiking - they have made the tradition of always going hiking on Black Friday. Often they had ventured to West Virginia or somewhere else out of town for a grander experience, but in 2017, Nick decided that he just wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, which surprised Meghan. He justified it by saying they were grabbing dinner with their parents after their day of hiking. They enjoyed a scenic trek around McConnell's Mill where Nick completely surprised Meghan by proposing! Afterwards, that "dinner" turned out to be a huge surprise party he had planned for her!

With all of the long distance they have endured over the years, Nick and Meghan are most excited for Saturday mornings together, taking long bike rides, long hikes, and going to church together on Sundays. They are beginning their life together across the country in Colorado - which is the perfect place for this adventurous duo. While exciting, Meghan does love her hometown of Pittsburgh and knew she would miss it very much when gone - thus wanted to capitalize on the gorgeous backdrop of downtown for their wedding day.

Nick and Meghan got married in the church where Meghan grew up south of the city, and then celebrated their "I Do's" in the heart of Pittsburgh at the Westin. Their priority was for their guests to be happy and enjoy themselves - an easy thing to do when in the company of Nick and Meghan. These two are filled with love and laughter. They are gracious and kind and so much fun. They truly make the most amazing team, and as Nick's best man noted in his speech, we are really thankful that he texted Meghan that night year's ago in the Southside, because without that text, we would not have had the tremendous honor of celebrating their first day of husband and wife. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Grace!!


Bridesmaid Dresses | AZAZIE

Hair and MakeUp: Mane Attraction Salon

Invitations | Minted

Signs/Calligraphy | CalligraSki

Photographer + Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries with Megan Mcgreevy Photography and Spencer

One of Meghan's favorite aspects of her day was her love for her dress. She actually combined to dresses to make one! The overskirt is Anne Barge and the dress underneath is Eddy K. She combined the two designers to complete her ideal dress and could not be more thankful that the amazing seamstress at Anne Gregory was able to do so many alterations!

Sadly, Meghan's “Nana” passed away last June which was heartbreaking for Meghan since they were so incredibly close. She shared that it is the biggest compliment to her when someone says that she looks like her Nana or has her personality, as she was such a fun woman to be around, filled with such love and laughter. One of Meghan's aunt's recognized how close Meghan was with her Nana, and gifted her a necklace that her grandpa had made for his bride years earlier from her 25th wedding anniversary ring. Meghan wore the necklace on the day of her funeral, but hadn't worn it since, until the day of the wedding.

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