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Pittsburgh Botanic Garden | Dylan + Cassidy

Dylan and Cassidy both attended Slippery Rock University where they met via mutual friends at a get together. After that initial meeting, they continually passed one another on campus and would always say, "hello" as they crossed paths - but it never went any further than that. Months later, they reconnected at the same friends' place and made plans to hang out before parting ways. From then on, they never just said hello and walked past one another - they started hanging out all the time, and have never stopped.

After dating a few years, they went on a trip to Colorado, and unbeknownst to Cassidy - Dylan had something special stowed away in his luggage - he brought the engagement ring with him on the trip! He went to great lengths to make sure she didn't find that ring - even going through separate security lines at the airport. Dylan brought that ring with him on every hike they took - just in case. It wasn't until the last day of the trip though, on their final hike, that he found the perfect spot in Rocky Mountain National Park to propose. They had family with them to document the momentous occasion, and Cassidy's complete, elated surprise!

They chose the gorgeous backdrop of Pittsburgh Botanic Garden to begin their life together as husband and wife. They capitalized on the natural beauty of the surrounding gardens with a shared goal of keeping it simple. Cassidy crafted the centerpieces and created the decorates, with the help of Dylan - who made the wooden signs as well! They were completely present for every part of the day - and had the best time celebrating their love alongside their favorite people. From their emotional first look, to our favorite kiss (Dylan was SO excited to kiss his new bride and it is everything), and all of the laughter, smiles and happy tears in between - we cannot get enough of these two.

There is no question that Dylan and Cassidy compliment one another perfectly and are completely in love. But our favorite thing about these two is how evident it is that they also REALLY like one another as well. The final shot in their highlight film happened when these two slipped out of their party for a few minutes at sunset. After getting some photo/video footage, they took a few moments for themselves, just to soak it all in - and tears welled in Cassidy's eyes. Dylan looked at his wife, a little confused by her tears, and asked her why she was crying. She smiled slightly and replied, "I'm just SO happy!"

Dylan and Cassidy - your love is radiant, your connection undeniable, and your authenticity rare. We are blown away by your kindness to everyone and your commitment to one another. We are forever grateful to have shared in this beautiful piece of your story and be a part of your excitement as you commit to being partners for life. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brant!


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