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Grant + Ellen | Chanteclaire Farm Wedding

When Ellen first met Grant in person on New Years Eve, her first impression of him was "Wow, he is TALL!" When Grant first met Ellen, he was stunned at how beautiful she is. This wasn't one's typical first impression however, as these two had been communicating for months after Ellen's cousin turned matchmaker set them up.

Said cousin was a good friend and fellow airman of Grant's at Moody Air Force Base who - out of the blew - sent Ellen a text inquiring if she was still single. His mention of a tall, good looking airman was enough to catch her attention, and she consented to her cousin passing along her contact information to Grant. A few days later, Grant contacted her and they hit it off - corresponding back and forth for months.

It was going so well, they decided they needed to meet in person. So on New Years Eve that year, Grant drove to Maryland to meet Ellen face to face for the first time. He even brought champagne, which was fitting since it turns out he was officially meeting the woman who before long would become his wife. That definitely calls for some bubbly!

These two tied the knot just outside of Deep Creek Maryland at the tranquil and scenic Chanteclaire Farm. They were aiming for a Farmhouse Chic style and could not have selected a more perfect backdrop. This venue is picturesque and versatile - a traditional farm setting with a European flair. It doesn't hurt that the food is to die for!

Every detail was perfect, but nothing more so than the way Ellen's eyes twinkled anytime she looked at Grant, and the way Grant's entire face lit up into the biggest smile each time he looked at Ellen. Watching them together is truly something special and we are thrilled to share this highlight of their first day as husband and wife!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Russel!


Bride's Dress | POSH Bridal

Hair Stylist | Tera Melby with Aurelia Salon Spa

Menswear | Men's Wearhouse

Invitations | The Organized Bride

Florist | Brian Bontina

Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries

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