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Rate the Date: Basketball

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Growing up, we had had a basketball hoop in our driveway and it was my absolute favorite after school activity. I played with my siblings, with my dad, and often, just shot around in the driveway all by myself. Nazari on the other hand never really played basketball (He is even dramatic enough to call it his *least* favorite sport)- thus it is rarely his first choice activity. Every once in awhile though, he gives in and humors me (always starting by wearing roller blades - declaring that is the only way that basketball is any fun, which drives me insane ;)

When we were in Jamaica this past February, one of the resorts had a full basketball court outside on the beach and we got lost in play for hours, laughing and running around in the sun. Yes - even Nazari, sans roller blades, had a blast.

As fate would have it, this summer in Pittsburgh the weather has been glorious, so we have been trying to soak it in and spend time outside. We opted to roller blade to a local elementary school and spend the evening shooting hoops, laughing our heads off, teasing one another via some healthy competition and having an all around amazing time. This date night is good for the body, good for the soul, and we cannot recommend channeling your inner child more highly and finding the nearest park with some hoops for your next date night!


  • It is a TON of fun

  • You can play at many parks and schools

  • It's really cheap! Just the cost of a basketball (Which you can find on Amazon for as low as $10.99!)

  • It's active and offers great exercise

  • It is competitive and flirty

  • There are so many games you can play! Our favorites include PIG (or horse), Two Bounce and Around the World

  • You can even play in the winter or when the weather is bad by going to your local gym


  • Losing is never fun


  • It may be worth investing in an air pump if you don't have one (We lost our needle and had to borrow our neighbors)

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