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Rate the Date | Bike Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is second to none when it comes to scenic views and accessibility. The amount of ground you can cover and the breathtaking sights you can take in on a bike ride around Pittsburgh is truly remarkable, and in our opinion, an unparalleled experience.

It has actually been quite a while since Naz and I have gone on a bike ride. We haven’t stepped foot on a bicycle since our 56 mile ride that about killed us last May. But a leisurely ride at golden hour in our favorite city was just the recipe to get us back out there.

We love riding through downtown, because while it’s nice and active, it’s low key and not competitive. (Naz and I tend to have drastically opposite opinions of the exertion level a bike ride should be...) But when you are cruising through Pittsburgh’s North Shore, downtown and the Point, the main goal is simply soaking in the beauty of the moment and being together.

While riding across the 6th street bridge, I was so overwhelmed by the experience as the sun set over the water to my right, I never wanted it to end!

We 10/10 recommend getting out in the glorious weather and seeing all Pittsburgh has to offer asap! While you can tell from this video, we had a little trouble with the healthy ride bikes at first, but once we finally figured out the app, and got over the shortcomings of our bikes (like a missing handle bar 😬), it was one of our favorite dates to date!


  • It is a TON of fun - regardless of how big of a hockey fan you are.

  • There are so many locations and trails that are bike friendly! You can check out all of the available stations here: Healthy Ride Stations

  • It's really cheap! $2/30 minutes (Your card is charged at the end of your ride)

  • It's active and offers some leisurely exercise

  • You can cover a lot of ground

  • You get the perks of bike riding without have to own your own bike.


  • The app can be very frustrating and malfunction.

  • Riding on the street can be intimidating/stressful.


  • You can only rent a bike when you are physically present at the station

  • You must have a credit or debit card to utilize the app and rent a bike

  • Healthy Ride requires a $1 deposit on all accounts to ensure you have an active credit or debit card on file. The $1 will be put towards your first ride or membership purchase.

Check out more about Healthy Ride Pittsburgh on their FAQ page, and be sure to get out and enjoy the scenic views and bike-ability that Pittsburgh offers!

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