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Emotional Summer Wedding Laube Hall | Jacob + Kelley

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Jacob + Kelley are both photographers, and they both attended Robert Morris University, yet somehow there paths never crossed - at least not that they were aware of. They didn't actually meet one another until their final semester in college when they were preparing their displays for their senior show. Kelley needed some assistance, and Jacob came to her rescue. They ended up spending nearly eight hours together that day, lost in laughter and conversation. Neither of them had the time to spare, but they couldn't help themselves. All who knew them well knew right away that something life changing had just occurred in that meeting by the way they talked about one another and that first day spent together.

They soon started dating and have had a relationship characterized by thoughtful grand gestures, immense trust, and a lot of big decisions - something that comes with the terrority of being recent college graduates.

From the moment they met, Jacob and Kelley could not imagine life apart from one another. Thus, the decision to both uproot their lives in Pittsburgh and begin again in Nashville was an easy one for them - if that meant being together.

Their wedding day was filled with amazing details and moments that perfectly showcase them as a couple. A great friend of theirs made their gorgeous wedding cake; Kelly's dad played their first dance song; and Jacob's reaction to well, pretty much everything, is the most heartwearming and glorious thing to watch. Jacob and Kelley together is just soooo good, and we cannot wait for you to share in these memories of their first day as husband and wife! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hartzfeld!


Bride + Bridesmaid Dress | The Exquisite Bride - Gibsonia Menswear | Mens Warehouse Hair Stylist: Studio 8 Hair & Nail Design LLC Florist | Leechburg Floral Co. Cake | Mandy Porter (friend of bride and groom) Invitations | HIP Printing and Copies - Katie Bittner

Photographer | Kavanaugh Photography

Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries with Matt Dreher

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