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Fern Hollow Nature Center Fall Family Photos | The Sidanis

If only Fall could linger around for the rest of 2020... Even though this glorious season is fleeting, it was the greatest joy to capture one of my favorite families in the prime of the season. All week, it was calling for a cold, rainy day. But alas, this dream group always seems to attract good weather and we were instead surprised with the most beautiful light, and leaves. We had the best time exploring the picturesque Fern Hollow Nature Center as the two youngest scouted out all of the best spots.

Jaime and Ramzi are truly #goals. They both share an incredible sense of humor, are super down to earth, and ridiculously humble. Oh, and on top of thriving careers and 14 years of marriage - they are raising three truly extraordinary kids - full of imagination, wonder, kindness, the sweetest smiles and lots of energy Being around them brings life and is truly an inspiration that gets us even more excited for our newest addition coming in a few weeks!


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