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Klein Immergrum Loretto Farm Wedding Day | Kristin + Eric

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Kristin and Eric grew up in the same town, attended the same school, and were in the very same class.

If you can believe it, Eric was even Kristin’s first dance partner back in the 6th grade. However, no sparks flew between them as preteens. In fact, Eric liked Kristin’s cousin at the time - and the only reason he had asked her to dance was because Kristin's cousin had felt bad for her and urged Eric to dance with her - (just what every girl dreams of for her first dance.)

Eleven years after high school, Kristin and Eric reconnected at the suggestion of a mutual friend. Kristin took initiative and reached out to Eric to inquire if he wanted to join her for coffee or dinner. He opted for the latter, and they arranged to meet at Piccolo Forno. That first dinner date went remarkably well. They talked for hours and then proceeded to hang out for pretty much every evening since.

After date number four, Eric knew without a doubt that this was it for him - Kristin was the woman he was going to marry (by date 10, she reciprocated the sentiment). He proposed the day before their one year anniversary, and this past August, they became the 22 couple in the family to tie the knot at Kristin’s family’s iconic Farm. They ended the celebration dancing the night away, this time with Kristin as Eric’s first and forever choice.

These two share many of the same characteristics that make them the greatest people you’ll ever meet, and the perfect match for one other. Any encounter with them leaves you feeling better and brighter as they are astoundingly engaging, intentional, and never without the brightest of smiles. Those smiles are never bigger than when they are together and we cannot wait to see how these two continue to light up the world as husband and wife! In the perfectly stated words of Kristin’s dad, “Here’s to these two laughing and having fun together forever".


Venue | Private Residence

Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator: Julie Sullivan - Julie Renee Events

Wedding Dress: Anne Gregory

Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN

Make-Up Artist: Adrienne Pace

Invitations and program | Joanne Gannon

Photographer + Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries

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