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Longue Vue Club Summer Wedding Day | Linleigh + Sandro

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Linleigh and Sandro met in the fall of 2014. Their meet cute may have taken place in a charming British café in Notting Hill, or it may have been a result of them both swiping right; who’s to know ;) What we do know for sure is these two are both born adventurers.

Before they met each other, they each made the decision to leave their hometowns, and go somewhere completely new and foreign to build a new life. Out of hundreds of thousands of possibilities, they met each other: the perfect partner to travel life together.

Linleigh was immediately captivated by this charming, intelligent, handsome, and hilarious German man. So for their first date, she took him to a German bar in London where her best friend was working who: fun fact: was German too!

Sandro had just started his first job out of college as an investment banker while Linleigh was an exchange student in London. Just months after they met, her study abroad semester came to an en, and so did her housing. However, she had become relentless about two things: living in London, and being with Sandro. She ended up moving into a 170 sq. foot bedroom apartment with Sandro, and worked whatever odd jobs she could find, just to be with him.

While these two are opposite in many ways, they compliment one another seamlessly. They challenge one another, and boy do they make each other laugh. You cannot help being happier in their presence, as their love and zest for life overflows to all that surrounds them.

Their shared love of travel and adventure served as the idyllic theme and backdrop of their wedding day celebration. For their guest book, they had postcards that the guests leave messages for us on. Tables donned globes, books, planes, maps and succulents. And they were sure to combine elements from each of their respective cultural roots: American and German.

Congratulations to the Krafts, and here’s to continuing your adventure that we have no doubt will always be filled with love and laughter!


Hair and Makeup | Samantha Colton Hinnebusch

Bridesmaid Dresses | House of Brides

Menswear | Nicole's Bridal

Invitations | Designed by the bride

Photographer | Michael Williams

Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries

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