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North Hills Pittsburgh Fall Family Photos | DiPasquale Family

Denny and Catlyn met in thanks to a relative of Denny's who just so happened to work with Catlyn, and knew they would be perfect for one another. It's safe to say he was correct!

Together, they have built a beautiful life and home and created the sweetest family. Their 18 month old twins are the most delightful, happiest, fun and needless to say - adorable - kids ever.

We have been fortunate enough to get to know this incredible family through Denny joining the HOA board in our community. He and Catlyn have single handedly revolutionized the neighborhood. They envisioned and brought to life bi-weekly food trucks, work outs in the park, craft events, a newsletter and just yesterday - our very own pumpkin patch! It's been a tough year. But instead of settling for all things being cancelled, they found ways to be safe, distant, and still build awesome community! These two are truly super human and Nazari and I are in awe of them and how they balance and manage all the things - particularly while both working full time and raising TWO toddlers.

To document this season of life, we ventured to a park just down the street. We were pleasantly surprised by some hidden trails and wild flowers - while the kiddos were pleasantly surprised with all the offerings of the playground :) We had a blast trying to keep up with the energetic little ones and dodging the rain. While it was not calling for great weather (and actually start raining just as we arrived at the park), we ended up with a delightful Fall evening that showcased the start of the leaves changing in this new idyllic season.

Enjoy this peak into a fun fall evening with this amazing crew!

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