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Oakland Fall Family Photos | The Cook Family

With getting to know Liz, one of the many things I have really loved and admired about her is the way she takes the time to celebrate the big and small moments of life. Too often, we let life milestones pass without pausing to really savor all they entail. Not Liz. And it's a good thing, too. Because she has had some really remarkable accomplishments to commemorate.

Last year, she became a published author, and I had the opportunity to go to her book signing at a local book shop in Sewickley. This year, she successfully defended her dissertation, officially becoming Dr. Elizabeth Cook!

Liz shared with me that family photo day is one of her favorites of the year. Thus, she decided to combine documenting a fun family evening with celebrating the fact that she just obtained a PHD in Electrical Engineering. She got some festive balloons that we incorporated into some shots on the campus of her now grad school Alma Mater.

This woman certainly wears many hats and juggles a plethora of roles, as she also balances running an essentials oils business (essentially_simple_oil), working as a health coach, being a wife, and a mother to 6 children! I literally don't know how she does it all, but I'm endlessly in awe. And it is such a joy to spend an evening with her incredible family. These kids all showed up for their mom and brought their A-game to our mildly rainy day shoot. It's safe to say, they earned their pizza night!

Congratulations, Dr. Cook! You have much to be proud of, and it was such an honor to be a part of this piece of the celebration!


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