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Oglebay West Virginia Summer Wedding Day | Tania + Nathan

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Tania and Nathan are two uniquely exceptional people on their own that are even better together. And that is saying a lot. To know each of them is to love them, and be loved by them. They are both remarkably compassionate and genuine, they each share a relentless zest for life, and they lift up everyone around them.

These two met while living in New York City. Their very first date found them talking for hours on end in the part of the city that Tania had gone to law school. After just that one date, Nathan knew he found what he possibly didn't even know he was looking for. They didn't just click, they challenged and inspired one another, and amplified their already passionate natures. Nathan had always had a dream of being a teacher, and it wasn't until he met Tania who encouraged him to not wait a moment longer to pursue this dream that he finally gained the courage to make the bold career change. He now works in a vocation he adores.

Nathan may have been the first to know Tania was the one - but Tania was the first to say "I love you", although she tried very hard not to be. She was so captivated by Nathan's sweet and quirky nature that those three little words that mean so much slipped out one night on the subway one random night together.

After dating for a coupe of years, Tania and Nathan had a trip planned to Spain with both sets of parents. Weeks before the trip, Nathan completely surprised Tania with a post it note scavenger hunt around NYC - with stops to different places that had been a part of their love story. The hunt was filled with inside jokes and eventually led her to the place they had their first kiss - a hot dog shop near the law school. Friends were waiting there, undercover, to document the moment with photos and video.

Their wedding day was much the same, filled with deep love, hilarious jokes and their beloved friends and family. Our only wish is that you could see it all, because every piece of the day was intentional and powerful - two words that innately characterize this couple and their once in a lifetime love story. I mean, cmon! These guys can even turn a ride on the subway and a hot dog shop into the most romantic of spots.

It may come as no surprise that Tania and Nathan were most excited for each and every piece of their wedding: from waking up that morning, to the first look, to their vows, to sharing the ceremony with their family and closest friends, to the speeches and partying during the reception. They soaked in every second on what was undoubtedly the hottest day of the year. Congratulations Tania & Nathan. We are so optimistic about the the future of humanity because people like you exist.


Venue | Oglebay

Bride's Dress | Lovely Bride

Bridesmaid Attire | Jenny Yoo Collection

Menswear | THE BLACK TUX

Invitations | Couple used E-mail

Photographer | Ashley Biltz

Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries

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