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Rose + Dan | Downtown Pittsburgh & Station Square Wedding Day

Rose and Daniel are both alumni of Penn State where they never met one another. After graduation, Rose began working as a teacher and remained in the state college area. Dan got a job in Milwaukee and moved 10 hours away. Years after college, Dan was back in the area visiting friends who were going to hang at their friend Rose’s place. Dan was not interested and only reluctantly agreed to tag along. And it’s a good thing he did.

That night, Dan and Rose hit it off swimmingly. She wowed him with some of her middle school science experiments, they exchanged numbers, and it wasn’t long until they seamlessly became a part of one another’s life. The connection was pretty instantaneous as these two compliment one another beautifully.

There was one catch though - Dan lived in Wisconsin and Rose in Pennsylvania. So began 658 miles of long distance. They both happily logged the miles and took every opportunity to be together.

Within the past year, Dan and Rose both found jobs in Pittsburgh and relocated their lives to finally be together. They will begin their life in an iconic apartment in downtown Pittsburgh and thus the urban aesthetic was the ideal backdrop for their wedding day.

They got married in the same church the brides parents tied the knot at in 1983. Each venue was selected to showcase the couple’s love for the city: From the rooftop first look, to dancing the night away at the Sheraton which has a glorious view of the downtown skyline.

The black and white theme was the perfect compliment to the classy, downtown affair. Rose and Dan are magnetic, laidback, athletic, gorgeous, so much fun, and SO good together. We couldn’t be happier for this perfect match. Congratulations to the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Stidsen!


Hair Stylist | Jacquelyn Cuteric

Florist | Bride's Mom

Dress | Bride's Mom found at thrift store!

Bridesmaids | David's Bridal

Menswear | Men's Wearhouse

Invitations | Colonial Press

Photographer | Ashwood Imagery

Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries

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