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Timeless and Classic Brookside Country Club Wedding | Abram + Maddie

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Maddie and Abram grew up just seven minutes from one another in Orrville, OH - but they never crossed paths growing up. In the fall of 2016, they found themselves in the same college and career group at the church they were attending. While Abram did not have Maddie's number, he began sending her messages through the church group messaging app. He had a "very important" question regarding lifting weights. She recognized who he was, but thought him to be kind of a know it all. Besides, she loved her life at the time as she had just started law school and was primarily in Toledo: a boyfriend was the last thing on her mind.

Abram continued messaging Maddie and asked her out to dinner. Thinking that was too big of a commitment, she agreed to ice cream, and surprised herself by having a pretty sweet time. While Maddie said she wasn't interested in dating him, she couldn't help but tell her friends about him. After a few weeks, she agreed to date him, and in three months, she knew she was going to marry this boy.

Fitness is a focal point in Maddie's family, and quickly became a keystone piece of their relationship as well. Abram proposed to the only girl he has ever loved at Crossfit box they typically attend, and they also had their engagement pictures taken in that gym. Knowing they would both be working out on the morning of their wedding anyway, they decided to create a Wedding WOD (workout of the day) and invite guests to do a workout alongside them. The turnout was remarkable, but not surprising. Maddie and Abram are both confident, kind, intelligent, faith-filled, hard working, passionate people who deeply care for those around them and each other. Their energy was palpable from the start of the day prior to 7am - all the way through the end of the reception when they drove off to forever in Maddie's dad's saweeet corvette getaway car.

We are so excited to share the highlight from their classic, timeless, Christ filled wedding day - full of brilliant colors, gorgeous details, and an unforgettable love. To know Maddie and Abram is to know joy in love, and it is a truly an exceptional thing. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Fuller!


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