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Outer Banks Summer Destination Wedding | Josh + Katie

It's not every day that you get to film your own brother's wedding. Josh is a steadfast, wonderful guy, but he is not often a man of much emotion. He is pretty even keel and just not especially expressive. Que his wedding day, and you would NEVER know that about him. He wore his heart on his sleeve as he married the girl of his dreams.

Josh and Katie met in Denver via mutual friends they both knew from their time at Wheaton College. Josh really liked Katie, and wanted to let her know how he felt about her. One night after hanging out, he shared how much he enjoyed spending time with her and getting to know her, and how thankful he was to have her as a FRIEND. Katie unbeknownst to Josh's feelings about her thought she had just been friend-zoned and was super bummed.

Thankfully, just a couple of days later, Josh clarified that he really liked Katie as MORE than a friend, and overjoyed, she confided that she reciprocated those feelings. They spent the next months hanging out as much as possible, doing half marathons, roller blading, attending church, and raising their beloved dog. Josh proposed on an epic mountaintop after a scenic hike, and they began to plan the wedding of their dreams in those same Rockies - the place their story unfolded.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of 2020, all of their plans were derailed. As they said goodbye to all they had imagined, they began to reimagine what their wedding day would be. It was soon decided that they would tie the knot on Josh's family vacation to the Outer Banks. It became a family affair, as both households worked together to throw a wedding in under a month. And truth be told? It was nothing short of spectacular.

These two were the most joyous, radiant couple and it was literally a dream come true to capture their first day as husband and wife. It was nothing like they had planned, but more than any of us could have ever imagined. Not even the giant rain storm immediately following their ceremony and again, derailing their plans (and drenching us all), could wipe the smiles off from their faces. We couldn't be happier for you, Mr. & Mrs. Kimmel and wish you a lifetime of love and adventure. And we can't say enough how much we are in awe of your adaptability.


Venue: Whalehead in Historic Corolla Bride's Dress: Brilliant Bridal Denver Invitations: Paperless Post Bride's Shoes: Nisolo Florist: Bride's Dad Officiant: Jon Kimmel Photographer: Life and Light Photography Videographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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