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A Highlight of July 10, 2011

I just watched Nazari and my wedding video (for the 84378248 time I’m sure) and I literally feel as though I am walking on sunshine. My heart is racing (in the best way) and I cannot control my smile. I feel so privileged to be able to relive all of the incredible moments that happened on the day Nazari and I started our life together!

Viewer discretion advised: As explained in our post about how Dorosh Documentaries began, our video was shot by Nazari’s dear Ukranian Uncle (far from a professional) with a handheld HD camera. Because Nazari edits videos for a living (and we were cheap and ignorant)- he felt he could edit any footage he was given. While he proved that to be true- there is no denying the (poor) quality of the video. When he finally got around to going through the 12 or so hours of (very) raw footage -two years after our wedding mind you- he did decide to re-visit our venues to shoot some scenics (definitely a nice edition!) After 50+ hours of compiling and editing everything together- we finally had our highlight!

If I am honest- we have only watched our raw footage two or three times in the almost four years we have been married. This to say- any footage to go back to is certainly better than no footage at all. But it is so much more accessible, and enjoyable, to have your day compiled into a highlight. I cannot begin to tell you how many times we have watched this video! Just one of the top 10 reasons you should definitely not push your wedding video to the budget backburner.

While your own wedding video will always mean more to you than anyone elses, I do still hope you enjoy ours :)

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