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Sam + Laura Monfort – 8.21.2015

“It's always been you.” There could not have been more perfect song lyrics to accompany Sam and Laura's wedding day highlight. These four words encompass their love. Something that has always been and you cannot imagine any other way. That is because Sam and Laura have been together for ten years! Yes, ten. They met in high school via mutual friends. If you can believe it- their love story dates the whole way back to the days of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Thus, these two have already shared many milestones and adventures: High school dances, college, family vacations, long distance, graduations, and world travels, to name a few.

When you have known someone for 10 years, it can be easy to become comfortable, sometimes even complacent. For the extraordinary to become ordinary. But not for Sam and Laura. Certainly they had a comfort and ease to their love, as only sharing so much life with another human can provide. But on the morning of their wedding day, they were giddy, even nervous, and so incredibly excited to be becoming husband and wife.

Their wedding day was the perfect accompaniment to their story. It was full of love, joy and originality. They put so much time, thought and personality into each and every detail. They hand cut their invitations, thrifted and restored their ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ reception chairs, crafted all of the chandeliers and they didn’t do things by the book.

The beautiful and historic Woodlawn Manor House was their chosen venue. The August afternoon could not have been more perfect. The ceremony took place in the gardens at Woodlawn. The sun was shining crystal light, the sky was the perfect shade of light blue and the temperatures were just cool enough to keep guests from ever feeling overheated.

While they held true to many traditional components of the wedding ceremony – they also added a few thoughtful twists of their own. Our favorite had to be when a handful of guests stood up from their seats to read a favorite quote or piece of advice to share with the bride and groom.

In lieu of the usual cocktail hour and sit down dinner, Sam and Laura decided to instead have food trucks cater the reception. And what an incredible decision this was. The food was spectacular – and it was a blast to have such a laid back atmosphere accompanying such a formal day. The trucks parked along the outskirts of the venue, allowing guests space to mingle, grab a drink, and choose from a slew of yard games scattered about the grounds.

There is so much to add about this incredible couple and their exquisite wedding day. Sam and Laura are the cutest, kindest, most intelligent and creative couple. They love to learn (as they both hold masters degrees and beyond!). They love to travel the world (they ventured to three countries with totally different cultures and climates on their honeymoon!). They love doing life together. Their love is the stuff dreams are made of. What people search a lifetime looking to find.

It was an honor getting to know you both, Sam and Laura Monfort! We thank you for letting us be a part of your celebration! We pray that you never stop learning, especially about each other. And that you keep adventuring, while always remembering that your greatest adventure is each other.

Check out the highlight of their incredible wedding day by clicking below! You can also see a little more about this amazing couple and the creative ways they shared their story in the links below!

Sam + Laura Wedding Website:

A little bit about us, (written by the newlyweds themselves!):

The Ring Box:

Wedding Venue: Woodlawn Manor, Sandy Spring, MD

Wedding Coordinator: Wedding Co. of Williamsburg, LLC

Photographer: Sam Hurd Photgraphy

Florist: America Beautiful Flowers

Band: Bachelor Boys Band

Food Trucks:

Linda’s Luncheonette

Red Hook and Lobster Pound

El Fuego Food Truck

Dessert Truck: Captain Cookie & The Milkman

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