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Brandon + Aimee COUSINS - 4.9.2016

How many brides do you know of that are finishing a masters degree while simultaneously planning a wedding ON TOP OF preparing to move to another country? I don’t know that I knew of any, until I met Aimee. She may have mentioned to us that she turned in her final paper two days before the wedding, TWO. Then, she packed up her life, got to Pittsburgh on a Thursday, and had her wedding on that next Saturday. And then went with her new husband to Hawaii. Wow.

Brandon, Aimee’s beloved groom, is a Pittsburgh native, while Aimee hails from the great Canadian city of Toronto. Their distant worlds were connected via the avenue of a Christian dating site. Aimee noted that she was hesitant to get involved with Brandon – due to that small detail of him being from another country. But Brandon was persistent and spent a great deal of time and energy pursuing the woman he knew had great potential to be his future bride.

It did not take long for them to know that they had to meet in person. Brandon insisted that he be the one to make the trek. He ventured up north to Canada to make their first date a reality – a “date” that was in actuality, an entire “date weekend”.

Needless to say, it went very well. The next few months contained many adventures between Toronto and Pittsburgh, and a lot of long distance communication to fill in the gaps between each visit.

Aimee told me of a distinct conversation that she and Brandon had as they were getting to know one another. They talked of the dreams they each had for their lives when they were young. While many often say things like “astronaut”, “president”, “firefighter”, “doctor”, Aimee always dreamed of being a princess.

I think few fit that bill as perfectly as she does.

Brandon also took note of this fact.

Just three months into knowing each other, he took Aimee to a beautiful castle in Toronto. It was there that he asked if she would be his, forever.

It is only fitting then that they would also be married in a castle. And so they were. Their wedding day was everything a fairytale should be a more.

Aimee was utter perfection. The day was a dream.

Also – every wedding from now until forever should use the vows that Aimee and Brandon wrote. My goodness, there are no words. Except her words. They are gracious and loving and… truly extraordinary. They speak of wisdom beyond her years and a love that we should all be striving to give each and every day.

We are forever touched because of the gift of getting to capture this wedding day. Thank you, Brandon and Aimee, for the incredible opportunity and for letting us share this glimpse of your love with the world. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cousins!

The Wedding Team:

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Shakespeare's Restaurant & Pub

DJ: Magic Moments DJ Service (Scott Miser)

Florist: Posies by Patti

Cake: Carol's Cakes

Chair Covers: Pittsburgh Wedding Rentals

Decorations/Centerpieces: Decor Maxx (Canada)

Hair: Cathy Kuczma

Photography: Jenna Hidinger Photography

Videography: Dorosh Documentaries

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