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Morgan Joy - Class of 2016

Morgan’s senior session was SO much fun. Her mom is the art director at Robert Morris University (where Morgan is headed for school in the fall) – so let’s just say they showed up for Morgan’s photoshoot prepared. Together, they had brainstormed a plethora of creative ideas to help Morgan’s personality shine through her photos. They wanted her pictures to be a reflection of who she is at this precious and fleeting time in her life.

So, we ran around the Northside in attempt to bring their inspiration and creativity to life!

And bless her heart- because although it was a May evening, it was freeeezing! (To put this in perspective, I was wearing gloves and a winter headband while this poor girl is in short sleeves and a cheer skirt!) But you would never know it! Morgan was a trooper. She was positive, perseverant and absolutely breathtaking!

Overcoming the cold weather was a small feat in comparison to the obstacles she had to overcome this past year - including becoming immobile (with a casted right foot) as she embarked on her senior cheer season. But she has stayed positive and chosen joy through it all. No doubt she is going to be an incredible contribution to the tourism management field – her chosen major, as she also shines on the stage with her theater minor. It's evident that this amazing girl can do anything that she sets her mind to - and that she will have a great time doing it. Congratulations Morgan and best wishes for your freshman year at RMU!

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