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Tyler and Ali are Getting Married!

It's always fun to try to set up good friends that you believe would make a great match. However, it seems to be that more often than not, these well intentioned set-ups are a flop.

At least that was the case for Ali. You see, she has a good friend who had set her up on several dates with various guys in the past, but it never went past the intitial meeting.

When this said friend mentioned she had another guy she thought would be a good fit for Ali, Ali was understandably hesitant. But that all changed when she saw a photo of of "the guy", Tyler. She agreed enthusiastically.

Although it was his looks that drew her to him initially, they instantly clicked. They have shared much life together over the years, including, recently, the celebration of their precious son, Kayden's, first birthday. They have loved the adventure of becoming parents and it's obvious how naturally they have stepped into that role. I can't say enough about how kind and lovely this amazing family is.

Tyler is from Pittsburgh and grew up in Mt Washington while Ali reigns from Somerset, Pa. They wanted their photos to reflect their stories. So, we first ventured to Panther Hollow for a more country like feel. These two troopers hiked with a large stroller holding a one year old and Ali in heels. And to add to that, it was HOT. Let's just say I was pretty impressed. We then stopped by Mt Washington for some city views and ended the night at a baseball field where Tyler actually grew up playing ball. He now works for the Pittsburgh Pirates, so to say they are fans of the great American sport of baseball is putting it mildly. :)

These three hit the ball out of the park with this shoot. Although the forecast called for rain, it held off until after dark. Enjoy a sneak peak into their love story as they begin the final countdown until they officially tie the knot. Congratulations Tyler, Ali and Kayden!

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