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The Balla Family


“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” » Henry Ward Beecher

Meet Don and the three beautiful ladies in his life.

Don met Debbie at Grove City College. Don was in a fraternity; Debbie was in a sorority; And Greek life brought them together. To this day, Don is still involved in the happenings of his alma mater. Fast forward over a decade and a half of marriage and they currently reside in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh. They have two beautiful, intelligent, and kind daughters. The family is active in their church. The girls attend school, and they both are on the volleyball team.

There are a number of facts about the Balla family that make them extraordinary. But what stood out the most to me was how much they genuinely enjoyed each other. They spoke kindly, laughed easily, listened intently and had fun so much fun together. Don even brought an outfit change to keep up with the stylish ladies in his life. It may not be as easy to spot - but I assure you, it's there. :)

Naz asked me if Don and Debbie had two sons, if I thought they would have still had this photo shoot. To that, I am unsure. But I am certainly glad that they had girls so that we could spend the afternoon running around to some of the best parts in Pittsburgh documenting the awesomeness and beauty that is the Ballas.

This shoot was the best of all worlds. It felt as thought we were on a family shoot, a senior shoot and an engagement shoot all in one. While neither Paige or Julia are seniors, they could have fooled me! They are confident and genuine and easily rocked it in front of the camera. And Don and Debbie may not be newly married, but they are a living example that, as David Lee Murphy said: a good love, like a fine wine, really does keep getting better as the days go by.

If in 15 years, our life resembles anything close to the life of this remarkable family, we will know we are doing alright. #lifegoals


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