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Kevin and Maggie Are Having a Baby!


We don't have much say about when we come into the world. We do not get to choose our family or have an opinion on who is entrusted to care for us and raise us up in this world. But if we did, it would be tough to find two more suitable humans than Kevin and Maggie.

The are smart. Really smart. A doctor and an accountant smart. While they are remarkably intelligent, they are also completely down to earth. Genuinely kind. And a ton of fun!

You may remember these two from their wedding film that we had the privilege of crafting back in 2015 (Which you can view here!).

I have been fortunate enough to get to document two of life's greatest gifts: Their wedding day, and now the maternity photos for their first baby!

We set the date to take photos on a December morning, so we knew it would be cold. But, the morning of the shoot, we woke up to find a layer of snow coating the ground; Our very own winter wonderland! The white dusting was the perfect surprise to dress up the winter surroundings. We met at their beautiful, quaint home in the South Hills and walked the short distance to one of their favorite parks.

Kevin and Maggie often take walks and play at this park with their beloved pup - Hank the Tank. It's pretty safe to assume that it is the same park they will venture to with their new little one and create more memories within this open field.

Kevin has been hard at work bringing Maggie's Pinterest nursery inspiration to life. He did such an amazing job, it's hard to believe that he hasn't done it before! These two are more than prepared for this next adventure and are going to be unbelievably awesome parents to their little lady baby, who will be making her debut any day now!

Congratulations to you, Kevin and Maggie, and thank you for the invitation to share in another monumental time of your life! We cannot wait to hear the news of the arrival of your sweet baby girl and we could not be happier for your very soon to be family of 4!



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