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Fairmont Hotel and Downtown Pittsburgh Anniversary Shoot: Brandon + Aimee


Brandon and Aimee are celebrating their first year of marriage! For their anniversary - we decided to be risk takers, and brave the Pittsburgh weather in March. While February gifted us some unusually warm days, March was not as kind to us. It was FREEZING! But Brandon and Aimee were such great sports. We also (thankfully!) had the great privilege of keeping warm by using the breathtaking backdrop of the Fairmont Hotel. Not only is the space incredibly friendly on the eyes, it is filled with the absolute kindest, most gracious staff that only added to the fun we had on this shoot. You may remember these two beautiful humans from their wedding film that we had the privilege of creating last April. The one in the castle, with the most out of this world vows, where it snowed - in April.

The internet was the platform that first brought them into one another's lives. From there, Brandon trekked back and forth between the US and Canada in efforts to win Aimee's heart. He was successful and those solo treks ended last April after they said their "I Do's". Aimee uprooted her life from Canada and wholeheartedly and unwaveringly planted those roots alongside her new husband's in Pittsburgh, Pa. In addition to getting married AND moving to a new country, Aimee also completed her master's degree program just DAYS prior to the wedding. Phew!

They say, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all". From the very start of their time together, Brandon and Aimee's relationship has been nothing short of a grand adventure, and their first year of marriage is no exception.

The newlyweds began their together adventure of wedded bliss by celebrating their honeymoon in Hawaii! Things didn't slow down from there. On top of adjusting to all the changes that accompany marriage, their first year consisted of two milestone birthdays: They both turned 30! To commemorate, they ventured to each of their favorite places to celebrate: Colorado and Disney! (I will let you decide for yourselves who you think chose what ;) If that's not adventure enough, there were two new job adjustments thrown in, just for fun :)

More interestingly still, the most time that Brandon and Aimee had ever spent together with one another prior to being married was on a week long family vacation with Brandon's family. Otherwise - their time together consisted of sporadic weekend trips and a lot of long distance communication.

Thus, we were particularly curious to hear how they have fared in their first year as husband and wife, since they went from hardly seeing one another to seeing one another all of the time.

Aimee noted that many people warned her that marriage is tough - especially that first year. While she didn't deny that there was a learning curve and it hasn't been without it's ups and downs - she joyfully shared that overall it has been an absolute blast. She couldn't stop smiling as she told us about how amazing it has been living with her favorite person. There is not a question that these two are more in love than they were when we last saw them a year ago.

Brandon and Aimee - we could not be happier for you. You guys continue to be a light and your love for one another is such an inspiration to us. It was truly an honor to capture the joy you share. We are particularly fond of you guys and cannot wait to see all of the adventures that God has in store for year number two! Congratulations!


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