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Matt + Alyssa | Noah's Event Venue Pittsburgh Wedding Day

In December of 2009, Matt & Alyssa both found themselves in the Finish Line at Monroeville Mall at the same time, on the same day. Alyssa made the assumption that Matt worked there, and asked him for help with buying shoes for her boyfriend at the time. While he did not actually work there, and had a girlfriend himself, he willingly obliged to assist her. That first encounter left a lasting impression on them both. They ended up becoming Facebook friends and following one another on Twitter. However, since they were also both off the market, they had no further contact for the next few years.

Matt happens to be a renowned baseball player who spent time playing ball in Italy. One season he returned back to the states for a time and as fate would have it, some of his good mutual friends happened to be Alyssa's good mutual friends as well. She was curious about who this new guy hanging around was. But he KNEW that he recognized her from somewhere. Then it clicked - Alyssa was the beautiful girl he had met in Finish Line all those years ago. They went out on a date a few days later and hit it off right away. She was easy to talk to. He was a gentleman. And just seven months into dating, Alyssa accompanied Matt to Italy for three months during his next stretch of baseball abroad. Upon their return, they got a place together in Mt. Washington, and have been together ever since.

In the summer of 2017, Matt asked Alyssa to join him for a dinner out with his parents. She agreed, but said that she would work out and just meet him there. He didn't like that plan and so he schemed with Alyssa's best friend to ensure she scheduled her workout earlier in the day. It worked! But when Matt met Alyssa at home later that afternoon, he found her in yoga pants. He kindly suggested she should dress a little nicer as they would be meeting friends for drinks after dinner - maybe throw on a dress, some heels, and consider washing her hair. She met him half way and threw on a dress and they headed to Monroeville for dinner. They were "conveniently" an hour early, so Matt said he wanted to run into the mall to get some new running shoes at Finish Line. They walked into the store, he picked out the pair he wanted, and the sales clerk went to retrieve the shoe box in Matt's size. Inside of that shoe box was an engagement ring Matt had left there. He got down on one knee, and in the spot in the shoe store where their story first began all those years ago, he asked Alyssa to spend forever by his side.

Hiding in the back of Finish Line was not only a photographer there to capture the proposal, but also both Matt & Alyssa's families! Matt thought out every single detail and absolutely nailed the perfect proposal for the love of his life.

These two planned a glamorous NYE wedding day to celebrate their love story and it was out of this world. They got each other amazing gifts, had a first look on Mount Washington (braving the frigid, pouring rain!), had the sweetest ceremony by a remarkable priest, cruised around on their party bus with their best friends, toasted one another in front of their CHAMPAGNE WALL, and danced the night away in their breathtakingly gorgeous reception space. While every detail came together flawlessly, we are pretty certain that it didn't stop raining for even one second that day: never the ideal situation for a wedding. But these two made the best of what the day threw their way. They even ventured out into the rain for their first look, (even though that meant Alyssa had to run to a friends house to have her hair dried and re-curled prior to the ceremony). These two are proof that there are pieces of the day you simply cannot control. But what it comes down to is the reality of marrying your best friend - and in the end, that's the only thing that truly matters.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Litzinger! It was such a joy to share in this remarkable piece of your amazing love story and we could not be happier for you two and all that lies ahead for your life as husband and wife!


Reception: NOAH'S Event Venue (Cranberry Township, Butler County, PA)

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Bridal Beginning Pittsburgh

Grooms Suit: Custom Suit from J.Hilburn

Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse

Hair Stylist: Toni Cavallaro

Make-Up Artist: Makeup Design Studio by Lyndsie Hinch

Invitations: Emily Neel

Photography: Frank Vilsack Photo

Videography: Dorosh Documentaries

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