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Rate the Date: Arsenal Bowling Double Date

Bowling is bowling is bowling. Or is it?

We never really want to go bowling until we go bowling, and then we have so much fun! It's not an activity we do often, and we tend to think of it as a kind of rainy day, or winter activity. But even though we don't frequent the lanes often, Nazari somehow still manages to be frustratingly good.

We’d heard about Arsenal bowl years ago, and even tried to go once, but couldn’t get a lane. Then a couple of months ago we were in Lawrenceville and found ourselves with some time to kill (while waiting for our candle from The Candle Lab) and again - we couldn’t get a lane! So apparently, a lot of people bowl, a lot! Especially at Arsenal.

This particular bowling alley is touted as both "world famous" and "Pittsburgh's best bowling and fun spot". The New York Times said that it is “WHERE OLD-SCHOOL BOWLING VIBE MEETS NIGHTCLUB ATMOSPHERE.” So we were curious if it would live up to all of the hype or be much different than the standard bowling alleys we had been to in the past.

Finally- thanks to Nazari’s next older brother - who is a much better planner than us and who reserved a lane in advance - we got to go and see what all the fuss was about.

Bowling typically ends up being a fun activity regardless - but it's one date we have always preferred to go on with at least one other couple. Personally, I'm not especially good at bowling - so the social component is a nice buffer for the evening out. We will admit, from the moment you enter Arsenal and walk to the second story where the lanes are located, there truly is something so different and truly remarkable about it. For one thing, it’s kind of like stepping back in time with the retro style of the place. Even the scoring machines are computers from what has to be the 90s.

Second is the incredible music. They feature both live bands and DJs which adds a super fun component to the outing.

Thirdly - they run specials every day of the week - how sweet is that?! Personally , we opted for the all you can bowl on a Friday night at 9pm

Between the aesthetic, the full service bar, and the music, oh, and the bowling! - you are sure to ... have a fabulous time! (I was going to end this post with a really bad bowling pun but I thought I'd spare you ;)



  • Non smoking

  • Neat atmosphere

  • Clean

  • Full Service Bar

  • A lot of lanes

  • Great location

  • They have specials every single day!

  • The music


  • Pricey (for bowling) - but the do run various specials daily!

  • Getting a lane can be challenging

Good to know:

  • You should definitely call ahead - and probably make a reservation. All reservations require an up-front, nonrefundable deposit

  • Cash only (except the bar as long as you spend a minimum of $10)

  • Every night after 9pm, it is 21+

  • Their shoes run big (at least for the ladies)

  • Check out their website: Arsenal Bowl or give them a call at: 412-683-5992

young couple bowling at arsenal bowling alley in lawrenceville in pittsburgh PA
four friends smiling and having a great time during double date at arsenal bowling alley in Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh

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