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Heinz Memorial Chapel and Carnegie Music Hall Wedding | Amir + Katy

Katy is from Pittsburgh. Amir is from San Francisco. They met while both attending dental school at UCLA. Katy was the social chair for school that year and selling tickets to an upcoming event. Amir needed to purchase a ticket for the event. He was given Katy's number to set up a time to meet her to retrieve said ticket. They met in the biomedical library, where Katy was studying for finals, and it became a day they would soon never forget. They both remember being drawn to one another's smile, and Amir recalls it was as if he had already known Katy for a long time. Lucky for them, they already had each other's phone numbers, and just continued to text one another for the next few days. At the end of the week, there was a holiday party where they met again - and things accelerated quickly from there.

They bonded over a love for their families, a passion for traveling, and the common ground of both going to dental school. Following graduate school, they endured years of long distance before both finally finding themselves together in the same city agin - this time for good. Then, just last year, Amir surprised Katy with an epic, picture perfect proposal across the world in SPAIN.

While these two do call California home, they decided to return to Katy's hometown in the great Steel City to tie the knot. Their wedding day was elegant, classic, and timeless, with a modern twist. They share a mutual love for beautiful architecture and history, so Heinz Chapel and Carnegie Museum were the perfect backdrops to their black tie affair. They also wanted to incorporate a celebration of each of their family's backgrounds: Katy's from Pittsburgh, and Amir's from Iran. The DJ play played a few Iranian dance songs (and never have we ever witnessed such incredible dancing as what took place at Katy and Amir's wedding!) and they also featured the Iranian knife dance tradition when cutting their cake!

Katy and Amir are brilliant, thoughtful, gracious, generous and fun. They are also impeccably stylish. Amir noted that Katy helps to bring out his wild side when it comes to fashion (take note of his fabulous Jimmy Choos!). Katy's details were to die for as well. She had outrageously gorgeous Valentino heals, and Sarah Jessica Parker shoes for the reception SIGNED by SJP herself (who she just so happened to run into when buying those wedding shoes - how awesome is that!?)

The couple's favorite part of wedding planning was taking dance lessons the few months prior to their big day. They surprised guests with the most magical dance we have ever witnessed to 'Tale As Old As Time' from Beauty and the Beast as guests lined the balcony above, watching in amazement. It was indeed a real life fairytale and we can't wait for you to see more of this iconic celebration!

Congratulations Dr. & Dr. Chalek! It was a joy and privilege to spend the day with you and capture this astounding piece of your monumental love story! We could not be happier for you or more excited for the adventure ahead!


Bride's Dress + Veil | Bridal Beginning Pittsburgh - Nicole Spose

Bride's Shoes | Valentino

Bridal Hair Piece | Clarissa Boutique

Engagement Ring | Joe Escobar Diamonds

Wedding Bands | Cartier

Bridesmaid Dresses | Mac Duggal from Nordstrom

Menswear | Giorgio Armani

Make-Up Artist | Valarie Panei

Cake | Culinaire

Invitations | Shutterfly

Photographer | Joey Kennedy

Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries

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