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Fern Hollow Nature Center Fall Family Photos | The Sidani Family

Each year, I immensely look forward to the photo session with the Sidani Family. I have been lucky enough to document this amazing crew each year since their youngest was a newborn - a sentiment that isn't lost on me. This year, Jaimie suggested Fern Hollow Nature Center as the backdrop for this annual event - a location I had never heard of before. Let's just say, I cannot wait to get back there! It is a quaint and versatile spot with weaving trails, an amazing sunset view, and even a few props the kids especially enjoyed (like a GIANT adirondack chair). We were even so lucky to have the place almost entirely to ourselves which offers a special sort of freedom to just be - that has become rarer are rarer to come by these days.

The changing leaves were in their prime, the air crisp, and the Fall light showing off - the trifecta of elements that make this season so ideal. Add in the sweetest, most fun family and it's the perfect combination wrapped into an evening you just can't beat. The nature center offered an idyllic canvas for each of their personalities to showcase themselves. We soaked in the quintessential Fall evening catching up, weaving through the picturesque trails and tossing leaves through the air.

It's a really special thing to get to observe a family's interactions with one another and freeze a fleeting season in time. Whenever I spend time with this particular family, I always walk away amazed. First of all, Jaimie and Ramzi could pass as newlyweds. Or as a couple who just had their first kid. Not only are they stunning, but they also have a serene, composed, confident essence about them, which perhaps only comes from being the seasoned parents of three that they are. As two successful doctors, one an ER physician, the other a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, what you might not expect is the level of involvement and connection they share with each of their children. It's so evident that their home is one where love is overflowing in a space where everyone is free to be exactly who they are. Laughs are abundant, humor is a signature, and hugs are plentiful.

Living in a world of highlight reels that don't often tell the full story, I can attest that the smiles below are genuine and this family is the real deal. Enjoy this year's peak into their story:

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