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Natural Bohemian Rustic Fall Wedding at Bramblewood | Josh + Ashley

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Ashley chose the road less traveled in life and love. This provided her with opportunities to experience global wonders in Guatemala, London, Ireland, and Greece. Ultimately, her adventures led her back to the renowned Erie, PA to pursue her Master's degree. While out for a work event one Friday night at a popular bar in town, Ashley crossed paths with a rather intriguing bartender. She later found out his name was Josh. He was in Erie for PT School. And he had noticed her at this particular bar a few times before. That Friday night they talked, really hit it off, she asked him out, and they knew very early on that this was it for them.

When meeting someone at a bar, it's not uncommon for close friends and family to be a tad skeptical. But as Ashley saw right away, and her loved ones soon followed suite - there was something different about Josh. He is a hard working man that lives life to the fullest and isn't afraid of vulnerability. He and Ashley bring out the best in one another and make one heck of a great team. They both have the kindest hearts, and they share the most contagious, authentic, good energy. As you watch their film - you can't help but see it.

Throughout dating, Josh and Ashley had discussed wanting to be together forever, yet Josh still managed to pull off a surprise proposal. He chose an uncharacteristically warm day in December and asked Ashley to accompany him to Presque Isle. She had a paper due, so she turned him down at first. After a little persistence, Ashley agreed to go along. Josh took her to the lighthouse they had been to on their first date and asked the woman he loved to be his wife. He even had a friend with a drone there to get footage of the momentous event. Dinner plans afterwards were set, and Ashley had hoped friends or family would be around to celebrate with them. She was underwhelmed that no one was available. Her best friend suggested that after dinner, they should go to the bar where they had met, as it seemed like the appropriate place to cap the night. Ashley agreed. They ventured to the bar that started it all only for Ashley to find that Josh had arranged for all of the friends and family to be waiting!

Halfway through their two year engagement, Josh and Ashley moved south to Charlotte, NC. During that time - in addition to moving eight hours away from their families - Ashley finished a masters degree, Josh completed a Doctor of Physical Therapy residency, they survived a year of long distance, started new careers… oh, and planned a wedding.

Their relocation south become and overarching theme for their wedding day: "From Yinz to Ya'll." Both their Pittsburgh roots and their new southern lifestyle influenced everything from their dinner menu, to their beer options, to the decor. They took great care with all of the personal touches speaking to their interests, heritage, family, and relationship. They chose their favorite season: Fall, to be the backdrop of their natural, bohemian wedding. Rich, dark, jewel-toned flowers with a mix of fresh greenery set the tone and inspiration for the theme of the wedding and paired perfectly with Bramblewood's rustic charm. Irish and Italian traditions were weaved in throughout the wedding day. The combination of thoughtful, intentional details was personal and genuine, offering guests a glimpse into the beautiful life Josh and Ashley have built together.

These two were honest in sharing that wedding planning felt more like a chore than an exciting chapter in their lives. As they finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, they shared that they are most looking forward to not looking forward. Their wedding day marked the day they could stop, be present in the moment, and be proud of the life they have built.

The certainly have a lot to be proud of. They are well accomplished by any standard and there is a list of achievements a mile long. But what you can't forget about these two is the essence of who they are: Josh and Ashley exude joy from every ounce of their beings. Their good energy is palpable. Their ability to be present is unmatched. And their capacity to have a good time is something we will forever try to emulate. You are really something special, Mr. & Mrs. Gibbons.


Venue | Bramblewood

Florist | Stems By Syd

Hair + Makeup | Sergio's Style

Bride's Shoes | Betsey Johnson

Bridesmaids | Revelry

Menswear | Mens Wearhouse

Caterer | Fish Hawk Acres

Invitations | Melissa Hubans Design

DJ + Lighting | Soundwaves Event Group

Transportation | Haggarty's Rides

Videographer | Dorosh Documentaries with Matt Dreher

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